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About Doctor Dreams

Doctor Dreams offers overseas educational Consultation in the field of medicine for the medical aspirants in India. Doctor Dreams was found in 2009 to fulfil the dream of medical aspirants to become doctor in a keen direction. We suggest the Top most medical universities to the aspirants in order to get into their dream path.

About Education

Overseas Education has always been a stiff process for Indian Students. Identifying the Ideal Course, college and its country has become a difficult task. At doctor dreams student will be able to decide the best option for them to grab a seat in a hassle-free procedures within their affordable budget

The Message from the Desk of Founder & CEO

Thank you for visiting our website.

We Deliver Professional consultative services and are building young India.

Students, who are our stakeholders. They are the heart of everything we do. The success of Doctor Dreams lies deeply in our pillars of stakeholders and parents’ satisfaction by virtues of Quality, Cost, Safety, and an environment of Trust.
We believe in the philosophy of constantly molding and reshaping our operational efficacies to meet the set expectation of our stakeholders. We also realize employees are the cornerstone of this aspiration, guided by best practices and sustainable Institutional partnerships.
Doctor Dreams was established in 2009 with VALUES, INTENT, and BELIEFS in realizing the dreams of students who missed the bus for studying medicine in INDIA due to parameters of academic percentage, peer competition, and government norms of reservations policies. Doctor Dreams channelized all its energies in making the deserving to study medicine abroad at the best of the Medical Universities and will continually strive in nearing to its MISSION.

Sincerely yours,
Mohammed Mubarak [ CEO/ Director],
Doctor Dreams

Our Core Team @ Doctor Dreams

At Doctor Dreams, our team have only one objective: to ensure our aspiring students missions objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance, and at the lowest possible cost, with safety.
Our Expertise team members have a global reach. Which means that our team can support students in whatever need and service they require at times. Our core team applies their very best international insights to keep our students at the leading edge.
Our core team reflects that, How we as an organization interact with our Clients, students as well as Govt Authorities. We are accountable for each other actions and also feel proud of creating the company where we work at.

Doctor Dreams Is going digital.

Digital Transformation is more than technology. It means innovation to connect technology with our students and our abroad university management and extend our service digitally.
Our digital presence in various social media platform, makes us to reachable in more quicker manner.
Our meetings, counselling, seminar has also been digitalized, through online counselling & meeting through video conference and through webinars. All the process and transactions are digitalized.
This process makes way for an seamless experience during the current global pandemic.
Your safety and service is our concern and motivated us to go digital.

Our Current Students Dream came true