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“AIETI” Medical School is a branch of David Tvildiani Medical University. Its mission is to provide scientifically-oriented Higher Medical Education based on the best International experience.

AIETI Medical School is the first non-governmental highest educational Medical Institution in Georgia established by Academician David Tvildiani and Dr. Dimitri Tvildiani in 1989.

After developing Residency, PHD and Doctorate programs and adding the Nursing School, AIETI Medical School has been upgraded by the National Authorization Council to the status of an University and from 2011 is named after its founder and the first rector as “David Tvildiani Medical University”.

AIETI Medical School Has been recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) and listed in “ World Directory of Medical Schools” in 1995. Shortly after that, it’s diploma has been verified and authorized by the Medical Examination Committees of the USA, different countries of Europe and Asia.

Currently, David Tvildiani Medical University and its “AIETI Medical School” are active members of:

  • Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE);
  • Association of Medical education in Europe (AMEE);
  • ORPHEUS – Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in European System;
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER);
  • Eurasian Universities Union (EURAS)

DAVID TVILDIANI, MD; PhD; Academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences; Honored Scientist of Georgia; Founder of Electro Cardiology in Georgia; Founder of the Scientific and Practical Center of Helium Magnetic Cardiology 1929-2010

Academician David Tvildiani - outstanding Georgian cardiologist, great educator, consummate master of medical art - was a bright representative of Georgian Medical Society, distinguishably combining in himself personal greatness, perfect professionalism in medical field and incomparable teaching talent, creating his era in Georgian Medicine. David Tvildiani initiated and founded a new direction in Medicine – Helio Magnetic Cardiology. He was the first and permanent Rector of “AIETI” Medical School until the last days of his life.

DIMITRI TVILDIANI MD; PhD; President of David Tvildiani Medical University; Founder of the Modern Diagnostic Centers in New York, USA (2000). Currently working in the USA, rendering patronage to the AIETI Medical School and promoting the placement of the School graduates.

LEVAN TVILDIANI, MD, PhD, Professor ,Rector of David Tvildiani Medical University; Director of the Scientific and Practical Center of Helium Magnetic Cardiology

Over 200 graduates of DTMU have successfully passed the qualifying exams and have already completed or are currently enrolled in residency or other proficiency courses, working as physicians in prominent USA and European Universities and Clinics.

The absolute majority of our graduates have been employed in the professional field, while many more successfully passed the international exams (USMLE, PLAB, MCI) and are currently developing their skills at clinics and research centers of the USA, Germany, Britain, Sweden and other countries. A number of the graduates have returned to the School as proficient teachers. Many have earned their PhD degree.

AIETI is listed in the WHO AVICENNA Directory of Medical Schools, it is a member of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) and Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System (ORPHEUS).

The structure and format of the MD curricula and the teaching management system are original, holding the copyright. They are specially designed to increase the efficiency and comprehensibility of the learning process: Modules are integrated into organ – system oriented rotations. An academic year consists of 40 instructional weeks (240 instructional days) divided into two 20-week semesters: fall and spring semesters. The semesters are separated by holidays. On the base of ECTS (Europe Credit Transfer and Accommodation System) 30 credits are attached to the workload of each 20-week semester. Thus, one academic year comprises 60 credits; one credit equals 30 working hours, 16 hours of which are contact hours and 14 hours are intended for student’s independent work. The learning process is performed 6 days a week , 4 hours a day. Each rotation is concluded by a complex test – quiz. Student knowledge assessment is a computer based testing that ensures maximal objectiveness.

Eligibility requirement:

  • Minimum 50% aggregate marks in PCB in 12th
  • Minimum 17 years age till 31st December 2019
  • NEET 2019 qualified (As per Indian government’s rules)

Admission Requirements for Foreign Students:

  • Application Form
  • Passport/ID
  • 4 photos 3 x 4
  • Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Legalisation of educational documents (about 100 USD not covered by the University)
  • EXAMS: Biology and Chemistry
  • Medical Certificate of Health Status

Why Mbbs in The David Tvildiani Medical University:

  • Established in 1990
  • Faster admission process
  • Zero donation
  • Low hostel & tuition fee
  • 4,000+ Students

 #619 2nd floor 80 feet road ,koramangala 6th block near sony world signal, Bangalore 560095

 Call to +91-9035061122 / 9035061133

 Email: info@doctordreams.in

David Tvildiani Medical University Fee Structure for Indian and International Admissions

Year Tuition Fee in USD Hostel Fee in USD Tuition Fee in INR Hostel Fee in INR
1st Year $ 6,000 $ 2807 ₹ 448950.00 ₹ 2,10,000
2nd Year $ 6,000 $ 2807 ₹ 448950.00 ₹ 2,10,000
3rd Year $ 6,000 $ 2807 ₹ 448950.00 ₹ 2,10,000
4th Year $ 6,000 $ 2807 ₹ 448950.00 ₹ 2,10,000
5th Year $ 6,000 $ 2807 ₹ 448950.00 ₹ 2,10,000
6th Year $ 6,000 $ 2807 ₹ 448950.00 ₹ 2,10,000

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