Study Mbbs In Fudan University

Fudan, formerly romanized as Fuh Tan, was initially known as Fudan Public School in 1905. The two Chinese characters Fu and Dan literally meaning "(heavenly light shines) day after day, were chosen by the distinguished educator in modern Chinese history, Father Ma Xiangbo from the Confucian Classic Shangshu Dazhuan Itinerant as the twilight, sun glows and moon luminesces" (ChineseIn 1911 during the Xinhai Revolution the college was taken up as the headquarters of the Guangfu Army and closed down for almost one year.

In 1917, Fudan Public School became a private university named the Private Fudan University, and also had a middle school and university-preparatory school. In 1929, Fudan adjusted its departments, expanded to include the Journalism Department, Municipals Department, Law Department and the Education Department, totalling 17 departments devoted to Arts, Science, Law and Business.

Why Study Mbbs In Fudan University
  • 604 acres urban campus
  • 1,760+ international students
  • Five-dimensional Education
  • New Measure for talent training
  • Sixth education space
  • Learning-centered classroom teaching
  • Academy education
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship education
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    Mbbs in Fudan University Fee Structure

    Year Tuition Fee in RMD Hostel Fee in RMD Tuition Fee in INR Hostel Fee in INR
    1st Year 70000RMB 8000RMB ₹ 709347.45 ₹ 81068.28
    2nd Year 70000RMB 8000RMB ₹ 709347.45 ₹ 81068.28
    3rd Year 70000RMB 8000RMB ₹ 709347.45 ₹ 81068.28
    4th Year 70000RMB 8000RMB ₹ 709347.45 ₹ 81068.28
    5th Year 70000RMB 8000RMB ₹ 709347.45 ₹ 81068.28

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