Study Mbbs Overseas

We understand the need and the asperatin of every indian middle class child to become a doctor. It has been a dream of many young students to become a doctor. However, very few of them can actually fulfill the dream. Here are a few possible obstetricians that come between the students and their dreams.

  • High Competition
  • Limited Seats
  • Expensive Fee
  • High Competition:

    There has been a high increase in the number of people attempting the NEET exam year by year. From a recent study it is observed that over 13 Lakhs people attempt NEET exam on an average every year and this number increases by 14% every year.

    Limited Seats:

    As per the recent update there are a total of 70,978 medical seats in 529 college (Both Private and Government).

    Expensive Fee:

    Out of the total seats available only a minimal 5% - 10% of the seats will be allocated based on merit and the remaining 90% is under management, where in the respective college will decide annual fee which would be around 50,000,00 to 2Cr depending on the college reputation & location.

    Due to this high competition, limited seats and expensive environment the dream of becoming a doctor ending up as just a dream for a lot of students.

    That being said, pursuing mbbs overseas is more affordable and easy when compared to that in India.

    Therefore, in order to help the students we at Doctor Dreams offers consulting services in MBBS admissions in various countries like China, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and many more.

    The minimum fee for per year starts of INR 2,20,000 in china and might go up to INR 4,50,000. This would sum up around a minimum of INR 13,20,00 to INR 27,000,00, which is very less when compared to Management quota fee.

    Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, are the two first professional degrees in medicine and surgery awarded upon graduation from medical school by universities in countries that follow the tradition of the United Kingdom. The historical degree nomenclature suggests that they are two separate undergraduate degrees; however, in practice, they are usually treated as one and conferred together, and may also be awarded at graduate-level medical schools. In countries that follow the system in the United States, the equivalent medical degree is awarded as Doctor of Medicine (MD)