ST. Tereza Medical University

Study Mbbs in ST. Tereza Medical University

St. Theresa's Medical University of Yerevan (also known as St. Theresa Charitable Sisters Medical Institute) is a private school in Yerevan, Armenia, established in 1992. It is ranked 10th among private medical schools in Armenia, and graduates of St. Theresa's possess certified specialist qualifications.

It is the only institute in Armenia that participates in the international market of physician placement.

The Medical University After Saint Tereza was founded in Yerevan in 1992 by Larisa Hambartsumyan and has been the first and the only one in its kind in Armenia. In 1996 the university received a letter of blessing from Mother Teresa. Rector of the University, Larisa Hambartsumyan is a member of the International Orem Society (IOS) for Nursing Science and Scholarship.

The foundation of this educational institution became the basis for creation of highly qualified medical workers in Armenia, whose compassion and humaneness as well as sympathy for the seek people serve as the bases for their moral-ethical activities.

In the Medical University of St. Theresa, besides the principles of medical education, the students acquire practical skills and psychological-pedagogical capacities. This enables the university graduates not only to successfully and highly productively implement their medical activities, but also to be engaged in treating, taking care of the sick and disabled people, orphans, lonely mothers and the elderly, who are in need of charity, love, attention, and tactful approach. The students also take an active part in the organization of sanitary – instructive work and in concrete events aimed at preventing certain diseases.


Attached to the Medical University of St. Theresa the medical college and high school (10th, 11th and 12th forms) are operating as well. In the college and university the following departments operate:

In the College

  1. Obstetrics (3 years)
  2. Nursing Work (3 years)
  3. Dental Techniques (2 years)

In the University

  1. Management Department (bachelor’s degree - 4 years, master’s degree - 2 years)
  2. General Medicine Department (6 years)
  3. Pharmaceutical Department (5 years)
  4. Dentistry Department (5 years)
  5. Programming Department (bachelor’s degree - 4 years, master’s degree - 2 years)

Eligibility requirement:

  • Minimum 50% aggregate marks in PCB in 12th
  • Minimum 17 years age till 31st December 2019
  • NEET 2019 qualified (As per Indian government’s rules)

Admission Requirements for Foreign Students:

  • Application Form
  • Passport/ID
  • 4 photos 3 x 4
  • Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Legalisation of educational documents (about 100 USD not covered by the University)
  • EXAMS: Biology and Chemistry
  • Medical Certificate of Health Status

Why Mbbs in ST. Tereza Medical University

  • Established in 1992
  • Faster admission process
  • Zero donation
  • Low hostel & tuition fee
  • 5,000+ Students

ST. Tereza Medical University Fee Structure

Year Tuition Fee in USD
1st Year $4,000
2nd Year $3,000
3rd Year $3,000
4th Year $3,000
5th Year $3,000
6th Year $3,000

Hostel Fee:

Northern State Medical University Fee Structure has a minimal hostel of around 1,27,800 approx per year.

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